Win an Afternoon Tea for Two!

We Brits love a good old traditional afternoon tea, and what better week to celebrate this love than Afternoon Tea Week!! We aren’t overly sure what one is supposed to do on Afternoon Week, but we are guessing it means to drink as much tea and eat as many scones and cucumber sandwiches as possible!! So we are giving one lucky the winner the chance to win a Traditional Afternoon Tea for two – so they can pick a fellow afternoon tea fan to take with them! The location options for this Afternoon Tea package can be seen here.


To enter, you need to comment on this blog post with whether you are a jam first or cream first on your scone person! We are going to finally see which way is the most popular! You also need to visit our Facebook page.

You can gain extra entry points through rafflecopter by following us on Twitter!

The draw closes at 11.59pm on Sunday 14th August 2016, one winner will be selected at random and announced on Monday 15th August across Social channels, the winner will also be emailed directly by Find Me A Gift. Good luck tea lovers and scone scoffers! We are off to get a scone, or 2!
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P.S it’s only 2 weeks until the new Great British Bake Off!!!!!!

All entrants to the contest by their participation in the contest acknowledge and agree that they have read and understand the contest rules and are bound by them.
No purchase is necessary to enter the contest.
Those who wish to enter the contest must comment on this blog post with whether they are a jam first or cream first on your scone person! They also need to visit the Find Me A Gift Facebook page. They can gain extra entry points through rafflecopter by following Find Me A Gift on Twitter.
Entry deadline is 11.59pm on Sunday 14th August  2016, we will randomly select 1 winner and announce them on Monday 15th August across Social channels, the winner will also be emailed directly by Find Me A Gift.
The winner will need to respond within 30 days of winning to claim.
The winner will selected at random.
The winner will receive the prizes listed above.
Find Me A Gift will only use the provided name for the purpose of contacting the winners.
The prize of a Traditional Afternoon Tea for Two, must be accepted as awarded. The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and is not redeemable for cash or other prizes. Findmeagift retains the right to substitute any prize with another in the event the original prize offered is not available due to circumstances beyond the control of Findmeagift. Chances of winning the prize are dependent upon the number of eligible entries received.
Inability of the winner to accept the prize as awarded will result in forfeiture of the right to win the awarded prize.
Employees and their immediate families of Findmeagift, its affiliated companies and their advertising agencies are not eligible to enter the contest and win the prize.
The prize winner agrees that Findmeagift may use their name, voice and/or likeness without prior notice or compensation, for promotional purposes in connection with the contest in either broadcast, print or online forms following the prize draw.
The prize winner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, Findmeagift its promotion agencies, their agents, officers and employees, from any injuries, accidents, misfortunes, or causes of action arising from or in connection with participation in the contest and/or the acceptance or use of any prize awarded. The prize winner accepts all risks arising from use of the prize awarded and Findmeagift has no responsibility for such risks.
Any disputes, conflicts, questions or concerns regarding the contest and its prizes will be handled by Findmeagift, whose decisions are final and indisputable.
Contest entrants must use their true, legal name when claiming the prize and may not accept the prize under an assumed name. A winner will be disqualified and the associated prize forfeited if they are unable or unwilling to accept the prize under their legal name.
Findmeagift retains the right to amend these rules at any time for any reason.
Findmeagift reserves the right in its absolute discretion, without any liability to any contest entrant, to withdraw or modify the contest should any of Findmeagift systems or network or Facebook be adversely affected by any virus or other similar destructive agent during the term of the contest. Findmeagift has no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to a contest entrant’s computer system resulting from any information that may be downloaded by a contest entrant or otherwise acquired from Facebook. Findmeagift accepts no responsibility and will not be liable for entries that are not received, incomplete, lost, late, misdirected or illegible for whatever reason, including, without limitation, due to computer or other system interruption, malfunction or breakdown of any kind or duration.


  1. donna hale

    jam first

  2. Louise Cox

    Fabulous prize!

  3. sima halimi

    jam First

  4. Kat Pulley

    Cream first :)

  5. olivia Kirby

    Definitely jam first, the other way is just a mess!!

  6. Lynn Sanders

    I put on the jam first (and then lots of cream) :)

  7. definitely jam first then cream! 😍

  8. Jenny Klin

    I am from neither Devon or Cornwall so I have no strong preference but I would probably say cream first!

  9. Victoria Cunniff

    Definitely jam first

  10. Sarah Lewis

    Jam then cream!!

  11. Greig spencer

    jam first- always

  12. Lisa ohara

    Jam first

  13. Kate Edwards

    Jam first!

  14. meena

    has to be jam first otherwise if you put the cream on first you cant spread the jam without it blending into the clotted cream

  15. Donna Gilligan

    Always Jam first

  16. Rachael Buckley

    I am definatly a jam first kind’a girl

  17. Clemma Tagg

    It HAS to be cream first! You need to spread the thick cream and then dollop the jam on top!

  18. Judy Beba-Brown

    Jam FIRST so you can pile on tons of gorgeous cream on top of it !!

  19. Aimee Prior

    Jam first, or it’s too messy

  20. karen turton

    jam first for this Devonshire girl

  21. Joy B

    Jam first. It’s easier to put cream on top of jam especially if you like lots of both.

  22. Lauren Reed

    Cream first! Although I’m not at all fussy!!! 😉 xx

  23. Maxine Feehely

    It has to be jam first for me

  24. Angela Hoyle

    Cream first and jam to top the final round taste treat

  25. Louise Perry

    Got to be jam first

  26. Natalie

    It’s cream first!!! You have to give something for the jam to stick too :)

  27. Paulina Jezewska

    Lovely prize

  28. Lucy robinson

    Jam first.

  29. Sara

    Im always a jam first person! Its the only way to eat a cream tea!

  30. Deborah parker

    Jam for me! Great giveaway xxx

  31. sb

    jam first

  32. sarah brooker

    Cream first.

  33. Karen McKenzie

    Cream first!! xx

  34. Clair

    Definitely jam first!

  35. Peter Holman

    I prefer to have cream first with a little jam dropped gently in the middle.
    I’m nothing if not perticular in my methods.
    Fantastic prize idea!

  36. Jenna H

    Cream first and lots of it!

  37. Jenna H

    Cream first (lots of cream!)

  38. Nikki Hayes

    I always put the jam on first :o)

  39. Carolyn

    Cream first, then jam!

  40. Shirley Roberts

    I always put the jam on first

  41. Clare Woodward

    Nom nom. Cream first

  42. Jill Ashton

    Has to be Jam first, don’t ask me why!

  43. Gillian

    Jam first 😉

  44. jam then cream

  45. Simon Ogston

    Jam first 👍🏻

  46. Linda watson

    Always the Jam first…

  47. Angela Moore

    Got to be Cream first then jam :)

  48. Lynsey Farrell

    I always put the jam otherwise the cream goes everywhere when you try and put jam on top 😍

  49. Claire Tucker

    Jam first

  50. Lisa Parker

    Cream first and lots of it! x

  51. Ashleigh Bryce

    Defo jam first…then cream!

  52. Jackie ONeill

    jam first for me

  53. lyn Burgess

    Definitely jam first

  54. Helen Thurston

    Jam first

  55. Amanda Young

    I put the jam on first and then lots of cream!

  56. Lottie Wedmore

    Jam first!!!

  57. julie h

    jam first for me!

  58. Hannah Greenwood

    Jam first 👌🏻

  59. Fiona K

    Cream first

  60. Becky John

    Jam has to go on first

  61. ValB

    Definitely a jam first then cream person

  62. Charlotte Foy

    Cream first! Otherwise the jam squishes because the cream is thicker and it all mixes together. If the cream goes on first the jam will sit on top and the two tastes stay separate. Otherwise you way aswell just mix the cream and jam together and spread it on!

  63. Laura

    Cream on first for me!

  64. Mary Baldwin

    Jam first, then you still have a smooth surface to layer the cream on.

  65. Louise Comb

    In my opinion it should be jam first. I’m not saying it would be a deal breaker. I would probably still indulge in one prepared the ‘wrong’ way by some misguided soul, but I would probably have to turn the thing upside down.

  66. liz denial

    jam first

  67. Graeme Macmillan

    It must be jam first since jam can br spread – cream should only be applied by the dollop

  68. Sue Hodges

    jam first – it’s neater and you can fit more on!

  69. sharon mead

    jam first the cornish way

  70. claire blaney

    I put cream first

  71. Rich Tyler

    Jam 1st & Always! 😛

  72. maggie mcgovern

    Cream first

  73. sam macaree

    butter then jam – and no cream!

  74. Margaret Gallagher

    Always jam first then cream after

  75. Jeanette Ho

    Mmmmmmmm………. Jam first – followed by as much cream as the scone can handle!!

  76. Melanie Southey-Hill

    Jam first :)

  77. Debbi Shotton

    Crew first, of course!

  78. cheryl lovell

    Jam first for me!

  79. Paul

    It’s got to be cream first…

  80. Helen W

    Jam first.

  81. Got to be jam first and cream after. It doesn’t work the other way

  82. Sonia

    It’s definitely jam first for me.

  83. Vanessa Cox

    Cream first :)

  84. John Tingay

    It has to be cream first. Professor Brainiac from the University of NothingBetterToDo has studied this in depth and scientifically proven that jam first is only 99.9% as good.

  85. Karen R

    Has to be jam first!

  86. Emma Ellams

    Always Jam first :)

  87. Louise A

    I put cream first

  88. Susan Hoggett

    I like it with cream first then a dollop of jam!

  89. Laura Marshall

    Cream first

  90. Emma Nixon

    Jam first

  91. Bridget Daley

    Jam first for me

  92. Louise Hayward

    Jam first, then cream. Nom nom nom!

  93. rosie Nolan

    Definitely jam first then cream

  94. Lesley Ford

    I would like the chance to be able to treat my daughter to afternoon tea with me this looks fantastic

  95. Lucy Major

    I put cream first! Always :) love afternoon tea it’s my favourite

  96. Lesley Ford

    I’m a Jam first lover

  97. Jay MacInnes

    Definitely Jam! The aim is to fit the whole pot on, then dollop cream on top – you don’t get as much jam if you do it the other way round!

  98. Jackie Talbot

    Jam first

  99. chloe brill

    cream first

  100. Krzysia

    It’s definitely jam first for me!

  101. Emma Rawlinson

    Always jam first! Not sure why, that’s just what I’ve always done. May have to try the other way too 😉

  102. Keshia Esgate

    Always cream first!!!

  103. sam thomlinson

    jam first then lots of cream

  104. angela sandhu

    jam first

  105. Kat Allinson

    Jam First


    It has to be jam first for me, followed by a dollop of clotted cream….mmmmm

  107. Claire Foster

    Always jam first but I’m partial to a scone with butter too!

  108. kellyjo walters

    well I say butter first than jam than cream

  109. Zoe C

    Jam first

  110. Sarah Mackay

    Jam first

  111. Emma Hawkins

    Jam first

  112. Gillian Holmes

    jam first

  113. Sammi-jo headley

    I am cream first then jam fab giveaway finger cross

  114. Sammi-jo headley

    I am cream first then jam yummy fab giveaway finger cross first comment I made is wrong had my wrong email address

  115. Julia Wulff

    Always jam first!

  116. Carole E

    Definitely jam first

  117. Linda Curtis

    extra thick crean spread on the scone then a dollop of jam on top

  118. Kate Chatwin

    Cream first then jam.

  119. Laura P

    Jam first! :)

  120. Eloise W

    MMMMM jam first <3

  121. Kate Loader

    Cream first then Strawberry Jam afterwards!

  122. Jodie Cook

    I don’t like jam or cream, but I love scones, so I have them plain with nothing on them at all!

  123. Alistair Smith

    I always put the cream on first – causes no end of arguments in this house !

  124. Maria Jamieson

    Jam first for me :)

  125. Simon Sheldrick

    cream first, it compliments the jam

  126. Joanne Cherry

    Always jam first. It gives the cream something to stick to.

  127. Phil Darling

    Jam first all the way

  128. Ellie Wood

    Cream first!

  129. Shirley Giles

    Jam First

  130. kim neville

    Jam first then lovely cream

  131. Nikki Bamford

    I like a change around depending on my mood 😉

  132. Diana

    Jam first : )

  133. I put the jam on one side and the cream on the other, then put both halves together and …eat! Delicious!

  134. Jenny Hilleard

    definitely jam first then cream but would probably have put a skim of butter before both

  135. Rachel Roberts

    Jam first and then twice as much cream. Repeat on the other half. Eat as lady like as possible and then eye up your other half’s in case he can’t finish it!!!

  136. donna l jones

    jam first

  137. Ursula Hunt

    Definitely Jam first

  138. Julie Smith

    Always jam first

  139. Maureen Quinnell

    Jam obviously!

  140. Alan Chung

    Cream first then a blob of jam on top

  141. Stuart Dunlop

    Jam first – more room for cream!

  142. Caroline Bourne

    Definitely cream first

  143. Antonia Richardson

    jam first

  144. Hilda Wright

    Jam first!

  145. Allan Smith

    Cream first

  146. Claire Nutman

    Definately the Jam first x

  147. Cal O'Keeffe

    Jam first!

  148. Holly Gibson

    It has to be cream first otherwise it goes squishy!

  149. Lesley

    Definitely Jam first! :)

  150. Kimberley Howes

    Jam first

  151. Heather T

    I like the cream first with just a bit of jam on top

  152. Mark Johnson

    Jam First of course

  153. Julie Booth

    jam first

  154. Lynne McEvoy

    Jam first

  155. Jacqui

    Jam first!

  156. Claire Green

    Amazing prize! I am definitely a cream first person! I’ve tried it the other way and it doesn’t seem as practical :)

  157. Emma

    Jam first

  158. Libby Noack

    Jam First :)

  159. Lindsay Seels

    Jam first then clotted cream = yummy

  160. Jacqueline Roberts

    Cream first for me

  161. vicky tomlinson

    jam first

  162. BigBrainyBee

    Always cream first!

  163. Bob Clark

    jam then clotted cream

  164. Francis Burchell

    Butter then Jam then Thick Cream – the best way of creating the perfect scone…

  165. lyn

    Cream first (like butter)

  166. Georgia McAllister

    Cream first then jam.

  167. Fiona Hogan

    Jam First then Cream. Perfection

  168. Jamie Millard

    jam first. anyone who doesn’t is WRONG!

  169. Angela

    Jam first – delicious

  170. Chris Noton

    It has to be jam first, leaves more room for all that cream! And PLEASE, blackcurrant or blackberry jam, none of this strawberry goo …

    Or be adventurous. Ginger and rhubarb jam and soured cream with a hnt of whiskey? If we really do ‘only live once,’ let’s live.

    Mum would love this as a treat so I hope we win. She deserves it for putting up with me all these years!

    “Peace and love are the most powerful weapons at our disposal.”

  171. Mia Clarke

    cream first

  172. Jean tutthill

    It has to be jam first

  173. LondonREC

    100% jam first!

  174. Emily Downes

    Cream first! It just reminds me of making sandwiches..

    Which is butter first and then Jam? Otherwise the cream would drip into the jam and the jam would be ruined! Plus, Red on White is classy. .. right? Well, I think it’s classy but thats a whole other question about colours, and then it would get really Sticky!

  175. frances hopkins

    Jam first x

  176. Samantha Wheeler

    Jam… but only because I don’t like cream!

    If I did, it would be cream first, then jam

  177. tammy westrup

    Definitely jam first!!!

  178. Definitely cream first for me – the Devon way!

  179. Chirag Patel

    Jam first

  180. Jo Carroll

    Jam first, but strictly speaking I put jam on one part and cream on the other then marry them together in a mutual bond 😉

  181. Karl Borowy

    jam first

  182. Alisa Moore

    Jam first – makes more sense

  183. Thank you to everyone who entered, our winner has been selected and it’s Sue Hodges! Well done Sue – we’ve sent you an email :)

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