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Saving our Bees

Bees have been buzzing around the news recently, for a couple of different reasons! Firstly there are now links between a significant decline in honeybee colonies and the change in foraging behaviour of the honeybees, brought on by some sort of environmental stress such as pesticides or parasite attacks. When a colony of honeybees are put under stress they react by sending the younger bees out to forage for food while the older bees stay put, these younger bees are much more likely to die prematurely than bees sent at when they are older to forage for food. The losses of these younger bees affects the colonies numbers drastically and if the hive isn’t large enough to withstand these losses the whole colony can collapse! The exact cause of the decline is not totally clear at the moment but it could affect our wild bees as well as other pollinating insects. This is why we must all do our bit towards saving our bees whilst the scientists work out exactly what is going on and why!
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