Should have been…a sport in The Olympics

With Rio 2016 now here Olympic fever has really kicked off, but there are a handful of sports that we feel deserve to have gold medal champions, they are also sports that the everyday non sporty person could perhaps excel at, therefore giving us all a much higher chance of EVER winning a medal at the Olympics!

1. Dodge-ball, a tad dangerous perhaps, but a could release of frustration…

2. Hide and Seek, now this does take skill and patience – another thing we learn from everyday office life!

3. Biscuit dunking, now this is very skilled and takes a great many hours of dunking and biscuit eating to master. Also the choice of biscuit is a skill in itself!

4. Kiss-chase, now replaced with Tinder – but how about some good old playground kiss chase, no harm in that right?? Actually, yes, there may be harm in that – scrap that idea. Maybe stuck in the mud instead or just “tag your it”!

5. Hopscotch, now, yes, this is a bit more energetic and would definitely require a sports bra to be worn by the ladies. But who doesn’t play it when they are walking across wonky paving slabs?? Don’t lie! We are all well practised really.

6. Skipping, the large roped team kind. There’s skill involved – yes, timing – yes, athletism – some…But fun to watch!

Finally, who remembers this…

We can’t remember what it was called though!

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Should have been…a sport in The Olympics