International Tiger Day 2016

There are less than 4000 tigers left in the wild. So even though in 2016 there has been fantastic news about tiger numbers increasing, there’s still a long way to go in the fight to save and protect wild tigers.

100 years ago, there were around 100,000 tigers in the world. By 2010, they had suffered a 97% population decline, largely due to poaching and habitat loss.

In 2016, tiger numbers are finally on the rise!

But… there are still less than 4000 living in the wild. And 3 of the original 9 tiger subspecies are now extinct.

In 2010 the goal was set, to have doubled tiger numbers by 2022 – the next Chinese year of the tiger. Now half way through this mission in 2016, governments and amazing animal charities are working hard to achieve this pawsome goal known as Tx2.

Why bother?

Well apart from the obvious reasons, i.e. because they’re sooooooooooooooo gorgeous, form part of our history and heritage, and that it’s mostly the actions of people which caused this pickle in the first place, tigers play a crucial part in their ecosystem. They keep prey populations in check, and help sustain balance in the forests they live in. Extra protection for tigers, means protection as a whole for the forests they dwell in, as well as the other species they share their homes with.

What can we do?

Paint your thumbs! (Or make some if you can’t!) And join the #ThumbsUpForTigers campaign started by @WWF. Go to @WWF_tigers too, to see more pictures of people supporting their efforts and trying to raise awareness.

Here’s to a wonderful day all about our stripy feline friends, and raising as much awareness about their lives as we can. Thumbs up for that!!

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International Tiger Day 2016