Harlem Shake Toys Competition

This competition is now closed.
Congratulations to our lucky winner, Christina C,
your prize bundle will be on it’s way shortly.

Move over Gangnam Style, the web now belongs to the Harlem Shake! And here at FMAG HQ we’ve created our own version. To celebrate we’re offering one lucky person the chance to win every single toy featured in the video!

To enter, simply watch the video then follow the easy-peasy steps on the Rafflecopter below. And for some added fun, and an additional bonus entry, can you tell us which animal toy is late to the party? Scroll down for a list of the featured products.

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The Featured Products

Animal Skittles Set RC Truck Dancing Cat Speaker
Animal Skittles Set RC Truck Dancing Cat Speaker
Salt and Pepper Bots My Keepon LED Bubble Gun
Salt and Pepper Bots My Keepon LED Bubble Gun
Screaming Flying Sock Monkey Crawling Hand Sound Activated Toy Wind Up Dancing Dad
Flying Sock Monkey Crawling Hand Toy Wind Up Dancing Dad
Hexbug Nano Hexbug Inchworm Hexbug Ant
Hexbug Nano Hexbug Inchworm Hexbug Ant
Chuckle Buddies - Roly the Dog Flying Pig Racing Grannies
Chuckle Buddies Flying Pig Racing Grannies
Baby Gupi Electronic Guinea Pig Chocolate Chops Interactive Dog Toy Remote Control UFO Message Writer
Baby Gupi Guinea Pig Chocolate Chops Remote Control UFO
Attacknid Maxville Blocks Sort and Count Abacus
Attacknid Maxville Blocks Sort and Count Abacus
Hedgehog Plush Shaun the Sheep Plush Cuddly Cube
Hedgehog Plush Shaun the Sheep Plush Cuddly Cube
Brown Teddy Bear Pure Bliss Sheep Candy Warmheart
Brown Teddy Bear Pure Bliss Sheep Candy Warmheart

How Did We Do?

We’d love to know what you think of our efforts, so why not drop us a note in the comments below? But please don’t say anything mean about our shuffling furry feline friend. He gets a bit hissy when people criticise his moves…

Terms and Conditions

1. All entrants to the contest by their participation in the contest acknowledge and agree that they have read and understand the contest rules and are bound by them.
2. No purchase is necessary to enter the contest.
3. Only entries made through the Rafflecopter widget on the relevant blog post at blog.find-me-a-gift.co.uk will be counted.
4. Entry deadline is Tuesday 26 March 2013 at 12.00AM (GMT). Find Me A Gift will contact the winner as soon as possible after this time.
5. The winner will need to respond within 14 days of winning to claim. After this time Find Me A Gift will select a different winner.
6. Find Me A Gift will only use the provided email address for the purpose of contacting the winner, unless consent is given to add the address to our mailing list.
7. The prize consists of the toys actually used within the Find Me A Gift ‘Harlem Shake Toys’ video and must be accepted as awarded. Please note that some of these toys may come without their original packaging. The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and is not redeemable for cash or other prizes. Findmeagift retains the right to substitute any prize with another in the event the original prize offered is not available due to circumstances beyond the control of Findmeagift. Chances of winning the prize are dependent upon the number of eligible entries received.
8. Inability of winners to accept the prize as awarded will result in forfeiture of the right to win the awarded prize.
9. Employees and their immediate families of Findmeagift, its affiliated companies and their advertising agencies are not eligible to enter the contest and win the prize.
10. The prize winner agrees that Findmeagift may use their name, voice and/or likeness without prior notice or compensation, for promotional purposes in connection with the contest in either broadcast, print or on-line forms following the prize draw.
11. The prize winner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, Findmeagift its promotion agencies, their agents, officers and employees, from any injuries, accidents, misfortunes, or causes of action arising from or in connection with participation in the contest and/or the acceptance or use of any prize awarded. The prize winner accepts all risks arising from use of the prize awarded and Findmeagift has no responsibility for such risks.
12. Any disputes, conflicts, questions or concerns regarding the contest and its prizes will be handled by Findmeagift, whose decisions are final and indisputable.
13. Contest entrants must use their true, legal name when claiming the prize and may not accept the prize under an assumed name. A winner will be disqualified and the associated prize forfeited if they are unable or unwilling to accept the prize under their legal name.
14. Findmeagift retains the right to amend these rules at any time for any reason.

Findmeagift reserves the right in its absolute discretion, without any liability to any contest entrant, to withdraw or modify the contest should any of Findmeagift systems or network or Facebook be adversely affected by any virus or other similar destructive agent during the term of the contest. Findmeagift has no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to a contest entrant’s computer system resulting from any information that may be downloaded by a contest entrant or otherwise acquired from Facebook. Findmeagift accepts no responsibility and will not be liable for entries that are not received, incomplete, lost, late, misdirected or illegible for whatever reason, including without limitation, due to computer or other system interruption, malfunction or breakdown of any kind or duration.


  1. The doll with orange hair

  2. Natalie Moran

    Animal skittles set is fab!

  3. Susan Sargent

    RC Truck

  4. Ellie Thatcher

    Rc truck x

  5. The doll with orange hair

  6. pete

    The Doll with Orange Hair

  7. Amanda Richardson

    The RC Truck

  8. Doing great guys.Had to watch it a few times but think I got it :) The coloured drawing on the wall wasn’t coloured in before the party!

  9. wendy burman

    candy warmheart was late to the party

  10. Melissa Smith

    The doll with orange hair

  11. Tammy Tudor

    The monkey

  12. hope i win there is some really exciting toys in this pack thank you and have a happy mothers day to you all:-)xxxxxxx

  13. Gemma Rowe

    Flying pig

  14. claire wilkinson

    the doll with orange hair

  15. adele leek

    The Flying Sock Monkey.

  16. sarah lambert

    Doll with orange hair :)

  17. Susan Seaman

    the doll with orange hair

  18. valerie mccarthy

    The doll with orange hair


    The doll with orange hair

  20. michele omalley

    The doll with orange hair

  21. Ann Ward

    Shaking cat does it for me.

  22. julie baxter

    candy warmheart

  23. Rachel

    Great Prizes.

  24. Rachel

    Please make it possible to enter rafflecopter competitions with name and e-mail (i.e. allow one entry for providing this information) .

  25. Andy D

    The doll with orange hair

  26. Allan Smith

    The doll with orange hair

  27. Laura Pritchard

    The doll with orange hair

  28. belinda porter

    Candy Warmheart

  29. Dee

    Brilliant, I love it. That cat is just too cool, LOL

  30. Yvonne Crook

    The orange haired doll

  31. nichola armstrong

    The doll with the orange hair :)

  32. Tracy

    the doll with orange hair

  33. The RC Truck :)

  34. Elaine Savage

    The doll with orange hair

  35. ann-maree snith

    wow that was great my partner worked it out i thought it was the rc truck but thats not an animal :)

  36. scott mcnair

    the rc car

  37. Catherine Shaw

    R C Truck ♥

  38. Sue Bowden

    This is a great competition, I’ve made my grandchildren watch it loads of times to hear their answer – always different LOL

  39. Kelly woolfrey

    The flying pig

  40. Mags Griffin

    Answer: The flying pig.

  41. valerie mccarthy

    The Rc truck

  42. Louise Martin

    The Flying Pig

  43. lois smith

    Rc truck

  44. Trish Starkey

    the flying pig was last

  45. ANDREA

    Love it! made me laugh – Flying pig!

  46. Kirsty

    Love it! the flying pig was the late arrival

  47. ali mckenzie

    Flying Pig

  48. tracy s

    I think the flying pig too, cause it appeared at the end!

  49. Dawn Francis

    The Flying Pig

  50. Hazel Jeffrey

    The Flying Pig :-)

  51. barbara clarke

    The Flying Pig

  52. priscilla gibbons

    Candy warmheart

  53. Christine Robinson

    The Flying pig !!!

  54. carys

    The Flying Pig



  56. JULIE B

    The flying pig, flew in late

  57. Alison Wakefield

    The doll with orange hair

  58. Diana Cotter

    The Flying Pig

  59. Candy Warmheart

  60. keely

    the rc truck.

  61. Evey Moffat

    I think it’s the RC Truck

  62. Kerry Nunn

    The flying pig

  63. elaine stokes

    the flying pig x x x x x

  64. Adriana martins

    The flying pig

  65. the flying pig was the last animal

  66. debbie skinner

    The orange haired doll xx

  67. Hannah

    The flying pig!

  68. Victoria Leedham

    Rc car

  69. James Holyland


  70. V. Carson

    Flying Pig

  71. Jainie Fordham

    I love the Dancing black white cat. Bought one from you for Christmas for my hubby but my 15th month old grandaughter fell in love with it as he opened it and she calls it “At” and loves it best of all her toys at granny’s house always makes a beeline for it and cuddles it. Sadly it doesn’t work anymore – no fault of the manufacturer – as I know it’s not a child’s toy – its our just as much. Chiara,my grandaughter does the dance for it now as it no longer dances. she will love your video clip when I show her it. I can truly say its been and still is brilliant !

  72. Liz ferguson

    The truck was a late comer to the party .. But, I discounted him, because he is not an animal (is that right?).

  73. Liz ferguson

    The Pig was fashionably late for the party. (The cat dances the same moves as our Grand Pops … I guess they are just cool cats).

  74. Denise Molly Molyneux

    Sean the sheep my fave the pig was late! Lol

  75. Chantel

    Flying Pig was late!

  76. Sarah Cank

    My Favourite is: Candy Warmheart

    she dances just like me! 😀 x

  77. helen pateman-patrick

    ha ha love them all but think would have to go for the hedgehog if pushed

  78. Kerry Brown

    RC Truck

  79. Yassmin Hulley

    shaun the sheep

  80. Maggi L

    The Rc Truck was late!

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