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An Interview With Ewen MacIntosh

An Interview With Ewen MacIntosh

Star of the most successful comedy of all time, scotch egg enthusiast and all round nice guy Ewen MacIntosh took some time out to have a chat with us. We talked fighting zombies, working alongside Colin Farrell, and even found out what his favourite gift on our site is…

Like most people I was first introduced to you through The Office. No one could have predicted how enormously successful it would eventually become, so how did your life change after it took the world by storm?

Well it started gradually and just seemed to grow and grow so it wasn’t like being suddenly famous overnight. It certainly changed my life in that it opened up a lot of work that I would never have got otherwise. It still gets me work to this day all those years later in fact!

Everyone who’s watched The Office remembers the famous scotch egg scene. Have you ever been approached to advertise scotch eggs à la John Lydon and Country Life butter?
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Get excited for National Burger Day!

Today is not just any old Thursday! Today is National Burger Day. A whole day dedicated to succulent, juicy burgers topped with the works – crispy bacon, oozing melted cheese, fried onions, mushrooms and fresh tomato…. Sorry, got a bit side tracked there, you get the drift.National Burger Day 2013

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Every Day Should Be National Pizza Day

Italy will always own a pizza my heart! Not only have they given the world endless delight in the form of Tiramisu (which is basically a cocktail you can eat), but of course, we will always have Italy to thank for the incredible pizza. As it was National Pizza Day yesterday, we thought we’d take a sec to muse over our favourite circular snack!

One marvellous margherita!

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Underwear Day 2014



Tomorrow is Underwear Day 2014, so we’ve taken the time to read up on our pant’s past and find out how ‘underwear’ as we know it came to be. We’ve focused on female underwear as guys have pretty much always had it good. Women, on the other hand, haven’t: it took a long time for the Wonderbra to arrive…

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FMAG ♥ Film: The Latest Film Reviews


We have many a film fanatic working at Find Me A Gift. There have been some great, highly-anticipated films released lately, so we thought we’d take the time to tot down short reviews of the latest blockbusters, in case you haven’t had the chance to head to the cinema lately. In this post we’ll review Dawn of the Planet of the Apes; Hercules; How To Train Your Dragon II and Transformers: Age of Extinction.

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The Hot Dog Files


Via Google

Hot dogs: the easy to eat, satisfying treat that has been adopted worldwide. Particularly adored in America, these meaty morsels are now a staple in many food outlets and restaurants. We’ve put together what we’re calling “The Hot Dog Files”: a veritable font of fun facts about hot dogs. Read on for a brief history of the hot dog, recipes, etiquette, some FMAG favourites and a competition to win a hot dog toaster!

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Do you need help getting over Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad


So, Breaking Bad… wow, that was intense.
By now, you should have all watched the very last episode, the season 5 finale… and boy, what a way to go.

We’re all in the same boat right now, not quite sure what to do with ourselves and feeling a bit numb but we think the light at the end of tunnel will return… eventually. To ease the pain of this transition period into a world where there is no Breaking Bad to look forward to, we want you to vote for your favourite moments and we have proof that you CAN get through the worst parts of this bereavement process.
Together, we can do this.

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