Black Cat Day

Blackcatappreciationday If you’ve not heard of this day before then you’re not alone. We’ve only recently discovered Black Cat Day and being the animal lovers that we are here at FMAG HQ we felt the need to back the notion of this day.
Although there is so much information and research available on cats, many people still spread wrong information about them because they misunderstand them. Due to all of the inaccurate information and superstitions, black cats are the ones that suffer the most. They’ve become the last choice for adoption from Cat protection shelters and make easy targets for animal abuse and neglect.

To me, this is an absolute outrage because black cats are the cutest loveliest cats of all* (*Please note I may be slightly biased as I own a very wonderful black Cat called Loki)

So on Black Cat day we must all work together to highlight the plight of all the black kitties out there. We ask you to tweet a picture of your beautiful black cat and use either of the hashtags #blackcat #blackcatday to show how loving and beautiful these majestic creatures are.

Here are some awesome facts about Black Cats for you

  • They complement every style of décor
  • Their hairs are harder to see around the house
  • In the UK black cats are considered to be lucky
  • There is actually only one recognised breed of exclusively black cat and that is the Bombay
  • Lots of black cats have yellow eyes due to the high levels of Melanin in their pigment
  • It is theorised that this pigment gives them stronger immune systems
  • Black cats are just as beautiful, loving and friendly as all other cats.
  • You get to pretend you own a Panther – who doesn’t want to do that?!

Dearest Loki, I would like you to know that I love you and appreciate you very much, on this day and all other days.


Just having a little peek

lokimon4 #blackcatappreciationday

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Black Cat Day