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International Tiger Day 2016

There are less than 4000 tigers left in the wild. So even though in 2016 there has been fantastic news about tiger numbers increasing, there’s still a long way to go in the fight to save and protect wild tigers.

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An Interview With Ewen MacIntosh

An Interview With Ewen MacIntosh

Star of the most successful comedy of all time, scotch egg enthusiast and all round nice guy Ewen MacIntosh took some time out to have a chat with us. We talked fighting zombies, working alongside Colin Farrell, and even found out what his favourite gift on our site is…

Like most people I was first introduced to you through The Office. No one could have predicted how enormously successful it would eventually become, so how did your life change after it took the world by storm?

Well it started gradually and just seemed to grow and grow so it wasn’t like being suddenly famous overnight. It certainly changed my life in that it opened up a lot of work that I would never have got otherwise. It still gets me work to this day all those years later in fact!

Everyone who’s watched The Office remembers the famous scotch egg scene. Have you ever been approached to advertise scotch eggs à la John Lydon and Country Life butter?
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Where is Max from Liar Liar and other famous child stars?

They first burned bright as child stars but where are they now? And most importantly, what do they look like?

1. Justin Cooper

Justin Cooper peaked very young! His first (and last) real acting hit was as Max Reede in Liar Liar (1997). Liar Liar was an incredible success and thrust Justin into the limelight. He never really capitalised on this fame though and instead of Hollywood he’s an executive producer on a Fox Sports Radio show. He’s definitely not as cute as he was back then.

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10 Awesome Outdoor Games To Play With Your Friends and Family This Summer

10 Outdoor Games We’ll Be Playing This Summer


With any luck we’ll be referring to this summer as “The long hot summer of 2016!” when we talk about it in years to come. Okay, we agree… that’s a wildly optimistic/idiotic thought. We should though, at the very least, enjoy a few days of sun this summer *fingers tightly crossed*

How we spend those precious few sunny days is important. At FMAG we believe the best way to make the most of it is to get out there and play fun games with your friends and family. To inspire you we’ve gathered our 10 favourite outdoorsy fun games into one place:


Giant Connect 4
Giant Connect Four

There’s a debate in our office as to whether this is called ‘Connect 4’ or ‘4 in a row’… it’s a debate that will probably never end. One thing we all agree on is how awesome this game is, especially when it’s absolutely GIGANTIC!

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