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Glastonbury 2015 is Here! Let the Festival Season Begin!


Glastonbury Festival began yesterday, and the sun is beginning to become a feature in our increasingly bright skies (yay!). This can only mean that festival season is upon us! So it’s time to prepare with some festival-making accoutrements (Glasto-goers this is potentially a bit late for you, but you’re off to Glastonbury you lucky devils so you can’t complain!).

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Lionel Richie! You diva, you!

We all know Lionel is fabulous. He’s the be all and end all when it comes to a smooshy ballad or an up-tempo floor-filler. With that famous ‘fro and cheesy chord progressions that’d make a White Walker cry, he’s the diva for us at FMAG. Today, the day he kicks ass at Glastonbury, let’s take a look at all the things that make Lionel Richie ‘Truly’ wonderful…

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Gifts For The classic ‘Jokey’ Dad This Father’s Day

Fathers Day - Find Me A Gift


Dads are wonderful creatures, don’t you think?  They’re always there when you need them; they have the best shoulders to cry on and will often bail you out of silly situations you’ve gotten yourself into.

They come in all shapes and sizes and there’s many different types; Sporty dad, Adventure dad, Boozy dad, DIY dad, and Jokey dad to name a few, and they all enjoy different things.  So to help you on your mission to find your pop’s the best Father’s day gift yet, we’ve put together some case studies on the different types of Dads.


I present to you

Exhibit A
Type: Jokey Dad
Known for: His terrible Dad jokes
Likes: Embarrassing you in front of friends
Dislikes: Any form of serious situation


Toilet humour is wonderful to all ‘Jokey’ Dads and we have our fair share of poop and fart related products, just look at the Farting Butt Pen Holder above in all its glory! It’s no regular banking pen holder, that’s for sure.  Great for beating Monday morning blues and brightening the day with realistic fart noises, this quirky little gift would take pride of place on ‘Jokey’ dads desk.


Speaking of butts, have you seen our Mooning Bird House?Ideal for the funny Father,  who enjoys the occasional bird watching. What could be more humorous than watching birds poke in and out of a ceramic bum?


For the last of the Arse gifts, we suggest the Arse-Face Towel. This funny gift eliminates the chance of your Dad contaminating his pretty face with his not so pretty bum.  An excellent novelty gift that is sure to give your dad a laugh this Father’s day and makes a great talking point after visitors have used the bathroom. We also have matching Arse Face soap!


Arse Face Towel- Find Me A Gift




Now then, It’s a known fact that Jokey dad’s consider themselves to be cool, they love to think they’re happening and down with the kids. Why not have the last laugh this Father’s day with our Sandal Socks? If they’re really that cool, they should be more than happy to don this classic combo. C-c-check yourself before you wreck yourself pops!

Sandal Socks - Find Me a GIft


Last but not least of our suggested gifts is the ultimate Beast Kool Koozie Can Cooler. If this isn’t awesome then I don’t know what is. Jokey Dad will absolutely love being the centre of attention when he gets this bad boy out at parties.  It keeps drinks icy cold whilst your hand remains warm! Ideal for those dads who fancy themselves a bit of a hulk.

The beast Can cooler - Find Me A Gift

To all the amazing Dad’s out there, The staff at Find Me a Gift hope you have an amazing Fathers day!



My amazing Jokey/Sporty Dad & me, somewhat sunburnt. Love you Pops xx



Top Pick - Find Me a Gift

Father’s Day Gifts: Gardener/DIY’er

Exhibit B:

The Gardener/DIY’er

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Women’s Sport Week 2015

“Women’s Sport Week is an opportunity for everybody involved with playing, delivering, leading or working in sport to celebrate, raise awareness and increase the profile of women’s sport across the UK.” – women in sport

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