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Star Wars Day


Today is Star Wars Day! A day dedicated to everything Star Wars-ey!

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It’s Not the 1st of May, It’s Batman Day!

Doesn’t look like there’s many people left who HAVEN’T played Batman!

It’s Batman Day 2015 and it couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve got amazing Batman gifts coming out the wazoo, and there’s Batman movie action a-plenty to be gossiping about! What’s more, we’ve just made this very important infographic to see if we can calculate the best Batman of them all, and figure out where old Batfleck comes in to the equation.

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Why Dogs are Man’s Best Friends – International Guide Dog Day

International Guide Dog Day is dedicated to recognise the vital role that Guide Dogs have in our world, they provide a better life in so many ways for a huge number of people. Not only do they make everyday chores and activities easier for their owners but they are their best friends and companions as well. It is impossible to feel anything but love, respect and awe when you witness how incredible these dogs are and how dedicated and loyal they are to their owners.

You can find out more about the Guide Dogs and how you can get involved in supporting the organisation behind them here: you can even adopt a puppy or go and walk one!

Now, although this day really is to celebrate how incredibly awesome Guide Dogs are, all 4 legged canine pals have some superstar quality, if not lots (like Guide Dogs) they are all Man’s Best Friends. So we thought we would delve deeper into what makes them so brilliant at being our best friends!

1. They will baby/child sit whenever you need them too and you don’t ever need to ask..

Babysitter/ Childminder

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World Tapir Day

It’s World Tapir Day….a what day? Yes. like me you may of had an inkling as to what a Tapir is, or not have had a clue! Well, turns out that these mammals are quite often mistaken for some odd species of pigs or anteaters (thanks to their snouts and hoofed toes), but in actual fact the closest living relatives to a Tapir are horses and rhinos (other odd toed ungulates – aka hoofed animals)!

Check this Tapir out…just chillin’ catching a few rays

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Sorry, How Much for the Most Expensive Apple Watch?!?

When we heard that there’s an Apple Watch about to be released which costs $10,000 our unprepared jaws dropped to the floor. We quickly picked them up and got right down to wondering about the awesome things we could buy with the roughly £6725 that works out to be…

Why would I wanna talk to my wrist when I can be waist-high in Nutella?!

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St Georges Day…Things we do that make us proud to be English

And maybe a bit British too…

April 23rd, St George’s Day is the day when England remembers St George, our patron saint. It remembers the the anniversary of his death and is seen as our national day. According to the legend, he was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess. Definitely a fairytale as well as a legend, it involves a princess after all! Today is a day not only for remembering this gallant knight but also to be grateful and joyful and all happy words ending in “ful” about being English, a lot of which we must admit is shared by the whole of Britain :) Today we look at everything that reminds us how English we are, what awesome traits, funny habits, yummy but possibly odd favourite foods we have and things that are quintessentially English!
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#LetItGrooow on Earth Day and beyond!

Marking the anniversary of what many people consider to have been the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970, Earth Day is a day to promote protecting our planet and environment. In 2015 the day encourages awareness of global warming and a switch to clean energy. It’s been shown to increase support for environmental programs and spark public commitment and community activism through fun activities and events.

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