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Half Term Fun and Activities

It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since the last school holidays, so if you’re wondering what on earth to do to keep the kids occupied over Easter, then maybe some of our half term fun & activity ideas might help!

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Easter Gifts – Not just Chocolate!

We know it’s not all about chocolate at Easter, although it is a great excuse to tuck in to an abnormal amount of chocolate in a short amount of time, say one whole egg in a day!? But some people, especially grandparents (I find) love giving children and other family members Easter gifts. So we have picked out some of our best and cutest bunny, chick and all round lovely Easter gifts for you to peruse at your leisure, oh but hurry a little bit as the Easter bunny is arriving next Sunday so you need to do your shopping ASAP!

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International Day of Happiness

A relatively new celebration, International Day of Happiness was first introduced by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2012 and was first celebrated in 2013. The idea behind the day was to educate people and increase awareness of the benefits of happiness!

The seed of this idea was first planted by Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas, the people there are deemed to be some of the happiest in the world! Mainly due to their holistic ways of living, they focus a great deal on the well-being of their people and the community that they belong to, combine this with material wealth and they are super happy! Now a lot of the time we are told that it isn’t the material things that make us happy, but in reality they are a necessity; a job so that you can have a house and buy the food you need to survive, pay the bills to keep you warm, watered, safe and healthy, oh and a car to get to work – I could go on! But what the Bhutan people are showing us is it’s the link and the relationship we all have with the material things in life that we need to get right. The more we worry about these material things the unhappier we can often become. They value their loved ones; their family and friends, the world and the nature around them, then combine these with the positive aspects of material wealth. It’s hard to get your head round isn’t it? And it’s hard to get the balance right, so International Day of Happiness is about helping us all achieve that balance so that we can be happy all the time! It’s not about being famous or glam and totally loaded, it’s about be ok with who you are and happy with you provide for yourself and family, whilst appreciating everything around you!

We have tried to help by picking out some of our favourite happy songs, animals and quotes! We hope you enjoy them and that they help you find a little bit of extra happiness :)

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Blood Moons and a Solar Eclipse – The Apocalypse is Coming

If you haven’t heard about the upcoming Solar Eclipse on Friday 20th March, then you’re probably living on another planet, so, as you were alien friends. For us Earthlings there are bigger things than eye protection to consider, as this momentous occasion creeps closer…

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How to View a Solar Eclipse

On Friday March 20th 2015 here in the UK we will witness a partial eclipse of  the sun (not to be confused with Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart – which you are totally singing right now eh?!)  

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Get Brainy For British Science Week

British Science Week.

It’s time to get all Einstein

With British science week in full swing, we thought we’d bring to you some of our coolest science-y gifts so you can get yourselves involved!

What is British science week?

British science week is a 10 day celebration of science, engineering, technology and maths. There’s a wide range of activities and fun days happening across the UK and the aim is to encourage people of all ages to engage in the antics!

If you visit you’ll be able to see all of the events that are taking place.

The British Science Association also encourage organisations both large and small, along with parents and children to plan and host their own events, that being said, we thought we’d provide you with all you need to join in the fun.

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Mothers Day Gifts – Ideas for mums who love their garden and its wildlife!

If you’re after some #MothersDayGifts for mums who love their garden and the wildlife that visits it then we’ve got a wonderful selection of gifts that are sure to bring a smile to her face, not to mention perhaps a few more creatures to her door!

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