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Happy Strawberry Day Everyone!

It’s Strawberry Day 2015, and while our British strawbs are a while away from being at their juiciest, at FMAG HQ we can’t resist getting excited about everything the plump little strawberry represents (that’s mostly Wimbledon, summer, and cocktails to us lot!).

The summertime countdown begins!

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Chinese New Year – We goat it covered!

Being born in the Year of the Goat might not sound as glamorous as the Dragon or Tiger, but we’ve looked in to it at FMAG, and it turns out, there’s a lot to be said about being born under this baaaa-rilliant zodiac sign!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Pancake Day 2015! Fed up of lemon and sugar?

Now we’re not trying to rock the boat too much here! We love a classic pancake as much as the next person. But if you’re looking for a way to make Pancake Day 2015 a little bit more sophisticated, (or just less sugary!), we’ve got some cracking Savoury Pancake Recipes for you to try out before you go all out sugar crazy!

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National Nest Box Week

Whilst the February 14th is commonly known as Valentine’s Day on the calendar, it also marks the start of National Nest Box Week!

#NationalNestBoxWeek is organised by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and runs up until the 21st February. It’s all about asking kind folk like yourself, to put up a nest box, either in your backyard, garden or simply somewhere in your local area.

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Every Day Should Be National Pizza Day

Italy will always own a pizza my heart! Not only have they given the world endless delight in the form of Tiramisu (which is basically a cocktail you can eat), but of course, we will always have Italy to thank for the incredible pizza. As it was National Pizza Day yesterday, we thought we’d take a sec to muse over our favourite circular snack!

One marvellous margherita!

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