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Slinky Day – A tribute to the Slinky

Slinky Day Saturday 30th August – Homage to the Slinky

To celebrate Slinky Day we thought we’d offer you a tribute to the world’s most popular spring in all its tangle-y, stair-descending glory!

Slinky 01

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Find Me A Gift Bake Off: Ned’s Bakes No.1


This week’s treat is Ned’s crazily creamy cheesy Carrot Cake!

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Shake N Make Product Highlight

Shakenmake-WIN-banner USE x2

This bank holiday weekend we along with @JustMustard are giving you a chance to win one of these Shake n Make Ice Cream makers. Head over to our Facebook page Find Me A Gift or our twitter page @Findmeagift to see how to enter! The competition ends 7pm Monday 25/08 1 winner will be selected at random from both Facebook and Twitter, the 2 winners will then have 30 days to claim their prize.

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Get the Cocktail Party Shakin’

So you’re throwing a cocktail party but have no idea where to start?! Well, don’t panic because we’ve put together a little handy guide to how to get your cocktail party shakin’!


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Bad Poetry Day


Via Google

It’s Bad Poetry Day, guys and gals! So, we sent round an office memo asking for the creative juices of FMAG to flow and create some truly awful poetry. Luckily – after a few emails of persuasion – some of them rose to the challenge!

Ladies and gentlemen, please prepare yourselves to be astounded by the poetic genius of FindMeAGift’s employees:

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Festival Fever @ FMAG!


Calling all festival-goers! Your favourite season is in full-swing! We know that quite a few festivals are already behind us, but there are still plenty left to come and so we thought we’d put together a little montage of all our must-have festival products. We’ll also share a few handy tips for the newbie festival-goers and campers amongst you.

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International Left-Handers Day



August 13th is “International Left Handers Day” – congrats are sent from us to all of you lovely lefties! We like to recognise days like these with an interesting and informative blog post, so that’s exactly what we’re doing! We’ve scoured the internet to find some fascinating facts as well as compile a list of famous left-handers.

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