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National Comic Book Day Competition – The Winner!


Last Wednesday was officially National Comic Book Day and to celebrate we thought we’d have a little competition with you all. We wanted to know which super hero you’d be, who you would battle and why – perhaps to save the cheerleader, perhaps to save the world… maybe both!

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Win a Clinique Skin Supplies Set for Men


Fancy winning a super Clinique Skin Supplies Set for Men?  If so then read on to find out exactly what you could win and how to enter!

BathroomCliniqueBannerfor Blog

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National Comic Book Day Competition


Comic Strip

With Great Power… comes Great Comic books

September 25th is officially National Comic Book Day – a whole day set aside to marvel and wonder at the amazing world of comic books. And before you say ‘they’re just for kids’ or ‘they’re a bit geeky’, let’s just take a minute and think about that: all adults encourage children to appreciate literature and the world of art and comic books offer both of these mediums at the same time. To those people, we say: Get yourself a comic and revel at how cultured you’ve become.

To make this day even more special, we’ve even got a mystery prize to give away! Read on to find out more. Kapow!

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Win a Tropical Sun Hamper worth £65


Find Me A Gift wants to bring some sunshine to your life! That’s why we’ve teamed up with Tropical Sun Foods to give away a hamper packed full of tropical treats. If you want to win this spicy stack of goodies then read on to find out how to enter…

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Don’t Just Talk like a Pirate… It’s a Way of Life.

Pirate Ship

Ahoy thar, me hearties! Arr, ye be hearing right; International Talk like a Pirate Day is back! For one day only, embrace your inner swashbuckler, grab the nearest parrot and head to the high seas. We’ve got you the pirate basics, some of the best pirate tunes to have a merry jig to and you can even find your very own pirate power phrase. Shiver me timbers, that sounds good!

Starting life as the brainchild of Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket back in 1995, the guys are now celebrating their 18th year of pirattitude. Pirate fever has truly gone global, so let’s all get behind it and get the grog a flowing.

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Are You A Shopping Guru?

shopping-bagCan you navigate through the shopping minefield, avoiding all the tricks that retailers like to throw at you? Take our ‘Shopping Guru’ quiz and find out whether you are a super-savvy shopper; a mere novice in the ways of retail therapy or a shopping diva!

Some of the questions are pretty straightforward, but some are designed to really test your knowledge of your rights as a consumer and your understanding of some of the sneaky ways that certain companies (certainly not this one!) try to get you to part with your money.

We guarantee that some of the answers will surprise you.

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Voyager 1 Has Left the Building!

Solar system

It is official – the legendary Voyager 1 probe launched into space four decades ago has only gone and left our entire solar system behind and is now confirmed by NASA to be journeying through interstellar space. One small step for man, one giant leap into the new frontier: how exciting!

Launched at Cape Canaveral in 1977, the Voyager 1 was originally intended to collect data from the outer planets in our solar system, travelling past Jupiter, through the rings of Saturn and further still onto Neptune and Uranus capturing mesmerising and never seen before images of deep space and of the pale blue dot we call Earth. It has even crossed paths with Voyager 2 on its journey, although is now thought to be billions of kilometres further away from Earth than the second probe.

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