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Summer is here!  Ok, the weather at times might suggest otherwise, but hey, have faith, you will get plenty of opportunities to get the BBQ out and enjoy some al fresco dining and outdoor fun! Summer is always packed with events and this year is no different! It kicked off with the World Cup in Brazil, the covers are now off the courts at Wimbledon and Glastonbury is about to open it’s gates too and of course the Commonwealth Games get going in Glasgow in July. So what with music, arts and food festivals, sporting fixtures, not to mention perhaps a holiday for you planned either at home or abroad, we thought we’d get your summery juices flowing with a few gifts that might just make the perfect accompaniment to your summer of fun!

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Welcome to our Father’s Day gift guide! This yearly occurrence is creeping up on us again, so we’ve put together six collections of products for six different types of dads! We love making your life easier, so we’ve even included a little price guide:

£ = £10 and under
££ = £10 – £50
£££ = £50 and over

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Win a bundle of Aqua Sphere kids swimming goodies worth £50!

Our friends at Aqua Sphere have just launched the Seal Kid 2, an innovative new version of the popular Seal Kid mask which has been a favourite with kids and parents for over a decade. To mark the launch they’re giving away THREE kids swimming bundles, each worth £50. Read on to find out how to enter…


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Win a Hatbox of Thomas J Fudge’s goodies worth £50!


We’ve teamed up with Thomas J Fudge’s to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a handsome hatbox jam-packed with scrumptious savoury biscuits from its remarkable new range.


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The 5 Super Cute, But Secretly Evil, Animals That Are Shockingly Bad Mothers

hamster1 As all Vegetarian tree-hugging hippies know, nature is, like, all cool and, well…natural, man! Because animals are just in tune with their instincts, dude, mankind could learn important lessons about nurturing and taking care of their offspring.

Lessons like: eating their young.

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Win a pair of Hi-Tec sports shoes worth up to £100!


Hi-Tec Sports are celebrating their 40th birthday and offering one lucky winner a pair of shoes worth up to £100! Read on to find out how to enter…


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Are You an 80′s Child?



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