National Biscuit Day

It’s National Biscuit Day! A day that we wholeheartedly support because, well, it’s all about biscuits! Funnily enough it just so happens that we’ve a fun range of biscuit themed gifts, so if like us you love biccies too then why not grab a cuppa and take a gander!

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#SnapHappiness This Photo Month

You might have noticed that this May 2015 has been chugging along under a different name. It’s officially Photo Month, and at Find Me A Gift we’ve been taking the chance to experiment with our cameras, and have been running competitions to see which of our lovely customers could #SnapHappiness over the final May Bank Holiday.

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National BBQ Week

Tongues at the ready… its officially National Barbecue week folks!

Running from the 25th – 31st of May it’s got to be one of the most delicious weeks of the year! I mean,  who doesn’t look forward to a mean BBQ? Piles and piles of delicious chicken, burgers and minted lamb kebabs, along with fountains of booze to wash it all down,  mmmmmm count us in.

Believe us, we love nothing more than getting you guys prepped for the most important occasions throughout the year,  Valentines, Father’s day, Christmas, Anniversary’s, and we would feel absolutely terrible if we didn’t prepare you for this mouth-watering week!

So, love you as we do, we’ve put together some of our favourite must have Barbecue products AND recipes, so you can look like an absolute bbq’ing boss in front of your pals.

To look the part you’re going to need the tools. We have two pretty awesome sets of utensils for you to get your hands on. You’ll never forget where you’ve put your Spatula!

Exhibit A – The original Grillslinger

Find Me A Gift  - Grillslinger
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On Tiara Day We’re Picking our Favourite Princesses

You hear “tiara”, you think “princess” (or maybe creepy kid at a pageant!). For Tiara Day, the day of celebrating shiny headgear we’ve had a think about who our favourite princesses are (and the results might shock you!). Read more…

Eurovision Song Contest – our favourites so far

Now, don’t get us wrong we do love the Eurovision Song Contest and if we gave it a go we probably wouldn’t do much better than some of the acts that enter! However this doesn’t stop us giggling at them whilst of course appreciating the immense comedy value, we mean talent that fills the contest every year. So whilst we wait in anticipation for this years contest, which includes Australia (we still don’t understand why) we are supplying you with the best videos that represent the weird, wacky and simply hilarious acts from over the years!
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It’s Eurovision Party Time!

Hello Europe…bonjour Europe….hallo Europa….salut Europe this is Find Me a Gift calling! Yes, it’s that time of the year again when Europe goes plain crazy with microphones, outfits, glitz, the odd pyrotechnic, wacky performances and bias voting (oh I miss Terry Wogan!) So as the contestants are warming up their vocal chords in Vienna we’re throwing some fun Eurovision party ideas out there to help you settle down on Saturday night and watch the final in true Eurovision style!

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Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species Day is a day that was started by the United Stated Congress and is observed in the USA on the third Friday in May every year. It’s yet to become a recognised day here in the UK, however we want to help spread the word about the importance of protecting endangered species. So today is all about raising awareness and celebrating wild species of both animals and plants!

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