On Tiara Day We’re Picking our Favourite Princesses

You hear “tiara”, you think “princess” (or maybe creepy kid at a pageant!). For Tiara Day, the day of celebrating shiny headgear we’ve had a think about who our favourite princesses are (and the results might shock you!). Read more…

Eurovision Song Contest – our favourites so far

Now, don’t get us wrong we do love the Eurovision Song Contest and if we gave it a go we probably wouldn’t do much better than some of the acts that enter! However this doesn’t stop us giggling at them whilst of course appreciating the immense comedy value, we mean talent that fills the contest every year. So whilst we wait in anticipation for this years contest, which includes Australia (we still don’t understand why) we are supplying you with the best videos that represent the weird, wacky and simply hilarious acts from over the years!
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It’s Eurovision Party Time!

Hello Europe…bonjour Europe….hallo Europa….salut Europe this is Find Me a Gift calling! Yes, it’s that time of the year again when Europe goes plain crazy with microphones, outfits, glitz, the odd pyrotechnic, wacky performances and bias voting (oh I miss Terry Wogan!) So as the contestants are warming up their vocal chords in Vienna we’re throwing some fun Eurovision party ideas out there to help you settle down on Saturday night and watch the final in true Eurovision style!

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Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species Day is a day that was started by the United Stated Congress and is observed in the USA on the third Friday in May every year. It’s yet to become a recognised day here in the UK, however we want to help spread the word about the importance of protecting endangered species. So today is all about raising awareness and celebrating wild species of both animals and plants!

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In British Sandwich Week We Ask, ‘Sandwich or Not?’

You think you’re writing about a fairly straightforward subject when you’re asked to write about sandwiches. You would be wrong though. Once you get past the preliminary “Oo I love a BLT” and “Hmmm I need to be in the mood for prawn”s, the hard work becomes apparent.

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Two Socks Go in, Only One Comes Out… #LostSocks

It may be responsible for some hilarious memes, but the pandemic of #LostSocks is a worldwide phenomenon, a cause of global confusion and downright frustration. On Lost Sock Memorial Day, we’ve decided, something MUST be done…

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Make It Happen – World Fair Trade Day 2015

World Fair Trade Day - Find ME A GIft

World Fair Trade Day

This Saturday (8/05/2015) marks the celebration of World Fair Trade Day. Taking place on the second Saturday of May each year, it’s for a fantastic cause and sees a worldwide festival of events supporting Fair trade and its fight against poverty and exploitation across the globe.

“Fair Trade is a transparent trading system that supports economically marginalised people, fair prices, good working conditions, and long-term partnership through trade. Behind every Fair Trade product on the market there are real people’

Its Fair Trades goal to bring those who are vulnerable a better chance at developing a fair and sustainable economy.

If this sound like it’s up your street then why not get involved?
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