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FMAG ♥ Film: The Latest Film Reviews


We have many a film fanatic working at Find Me A Gift. There have been some great, highly-anticipated films released lately, so we thought we’d take the time to tot down short reviews of the latest blockbusters, in case you haven’t had the chance to head to the cinema lately. In this post we’ll review Dawn of the Planet of the Apes; Hercules; How To Train Your Dragon II and Transformers: Age of Extinction.

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The Hot Dog Files


Hot dogs: the easy to eat, satisfying treat that has been adopted worldwide. Particularly adored in America, these meaty morsels are now a staple in many food outlets and restaurants. We’ve put together what we’re calling “The Hot Dog Files”: a veritable font of fun facts about hot dogs. Read on for a brief history of the hot dog, recipes, etiquette, some FMAG favourites and a competition to win a hot dog toaster!

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10 products you never knew you needed – until now!

We’ve all been there, opening up the presents from distant relatives and thinking “oh good lord, what am I going to do with this?!”. Months down the line of course, faced with a predicament you never thought you would find yourself in, that underwhelming object suddenly becomes your one and only saviour. We’ve put together a selection of products that could be so-described, all of which we stock – maybe you’ll end up gifting someone a product they don’t even know they need yet!

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Cats vs. Dogs – Sunglasses Style-Off


Yes, readers, surprisingly the British Summer is lingering. Here at FMAG HQ we’re not complaining, we love it! It’s great seeing all the different sunglasses entering the building each morning: some costing hundreds of pounds, others clearly not, but all doing the important job of protecting our little peepers from the seemingly stalwart summer sun. Today we’re bringing you a selection of fabulous eye-wear modelled by other domestic dwellers, but who will come out on top? It’s CATS vs. DOGS.

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Get Set for Summer

summer gadgets 2

Summer is here!  Ok, the weather at times might suggest otherwise, but hey, have faith, you will get plenty of opportunities to get the BBQ out and enjoy some al fresco dining and outdoor fun! Summer is always packed with events and this year is no different! It kicked off with the World Cup in Brazil, we had a (mainly) sunny Wimbledon, Dolly dazzled at Glastonbury and of course the Commonwealth Games take over Glasgow. So what with music, arts and food festivals, sporting fixtures, not to mention perhaps a holiday for you planned either at home or abroad, we thought we’d get your summery juices flowing with a few gifts that might just make the perfect accompaniment to your summer of fun!

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