Star Wars Day Competition! May the 4th be with you!

To celebrate the very special day that is Star Wars Day, we are giving one lucky Star Wars fan the chance to win a mystery bundle of Star War gifts from our very own site. You can check out all our Star Wars gifts here: star-wars-gifts


To enter, you need to comment on this blog post with which of our Star Wars gifts you are hoping makes it into the bundle! All Star Wars gifts can be seen here: star-wars-gifts, you also need to visit our Facebook page.

You can gain extra entry points through rafflecopter by following us on Twitter!

The draw closes at 11.59pm on Saturday 7th May 2016, one winner will be selected at random and announced on Tuesday 10th May across Social channels, the winner will also be emailed directly by Find Me A Gift. Good luck everyone May the 4th be with you 😉

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Donkey Week 2016

It’s International Donkey Week! Yes folks, it’s that time of the year when The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon flings open its farms door to the public giving them a chance to get closer to their donkeys! Every year Donkey Week is made up of 7 days of donkey filled fun where you get to go on trips to the Sanctuary’s outlying farms (not usually open to the public) to see the donkeys, with plenty of opportunities to meet and groom the donkeys. They also have guest speakers, fun games and wonderful walks too.

The Donkey Sanctuary was founded in 1969 and their mission is to:

transform the quality of life for donkeys, mules and people worldwide through greater understanding, collaboration and support, and by promoting lasting, mutually life-enhancing relationships

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Hurrah! It’s World Penguin Day 2016!

Today is a day for penguins. So as usual Find Me A Gift are jumping at the opportunity to talk about one of the many animals we love, and think about how we can give them a bit of a helping hand.

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Celebrate the ‘Vinyl Revival’ this Record Store Day 2016

The Guardian have said “Don’t call it a comeback, because it’s not one”, but that seems like a bit of a pessimistic view on the state of record sales in 2015. This month has seen the launch of the UK’s first weekly vinyl chart, record sales are at their highest in 18 years and a format once dubbed ‘obsolete’ is getting the nation buzzing, as Saturday 16th April is the UK’s 9th Record Store Day. Read more…

5 Top Tips for Maximising Your Easter Egg Consumption!


Hip, Hop, Hooray! The second most wonderful time of the year is here! For those of us who have given things up for Lent, the struggle is nearly over, and the time for gorging is upon us! If you’re looking to eat as much chocolate as one person can physically manage in one day (as I am) FMAG have got the best tips around, to help you in your quest for consumption!

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International Women’s Day – who do our ladies admire?

The girlies here at Find Me A Gift would love to say we rule the roost at our headquarters, I’m sure the men would argue but we do really!

We always feel empowered on International Women’s Day, but why? Why don’t we feel empowered all the time? We are women, we are amazing, our bodies are incredible, our minds are capable of incredible things and our hearts can withstand being a mother. So, we should always feel empowered, and we need to shout about it more often, even if we feel bulldozed at times, taken for granted or undermined, we should stand up and say “Hey I am a women and I’m frickin incredible!!”

So we asked a few of our wonderful women at Find Me A Gift who empowers them and why, it certainly helped us to realise how amazing we all are, so hopefully reading this will help you feel fabulous about yourself too!

I’ll start… by day I’m a PR butterfly by night and weekend I’m a crazy mountain biker, it’s a hobby I took up with my partner Tom – who I regularly kick the ass of I hasten to add! But I get it; men staring at me while I’m covered in mud and sweat on my bike, they look as if I shouldn’t be there, well where should I be instead? I compete in long distance cross country rides and I NEVER have to queue for the ladies loo at the start, but all the men queue for ages – I mean where else do you see that? We ALWAYS have to queue, that just shows how although women’s cycling is ever growing it is still a male dominated sport. I have men riding at me, swiping me out downhill and almost falling off their bikes when I pass them on a climb! What do I have to do to prove I should be there? Anyway, why do I put myself through 100km rides? Because it’s an adventure, I get to go places and see sites that no one else would bother climbing up to, I get to be in nature for hours at a time and often wont see a car for hours, I also feel great – strong and fit.

This is why my super hero women of the moment is Anna McNuff! Chosen by Rhian
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Mother’s Day 2016 – Our Top 5 Amazing Animal Mums!

It’s Mother’s Day! And we’re all getting mushy about our mums at FMAG HQ. We thought this would be a good time to have a think about our favourite mums of the animal kingdom (and looking at cute animal pictures just happens to be a massive bonus!).

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