Get the Cocktail Party Shakin’

So you’re throwing a cocktail party but have no idea where to start?! Well, don’t panic because we’ve put together a little handy guide to how to get your cocktail party shakin’!


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Bad Poetry Day


Via Google

It’s Bad Poetry Day, guys and gals! So, we sent round an office memo asking for the creative juices of FMAG to flow and create some truly awful poetry. Luckily – after a few emails of persuasion – some of them rose to the challenge!

Ladies and gentlemen, please prepare yourselves to be astounded by the poetic genius of FindMeAGift’s employees:

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Festival Fever @ FMAG!


Calling all festival-goers! Your favourite season is in full-swing! We know that quite a few festivals are already behind us, but there are still plenty left to come and so we thought we’d put together a little montage of all our must-have festival products. We’ll also share a few handy tips for the newbie festival-goers and campers amongst you.

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International Left-Handers Day



August 13th is “International Left Handers Day” – congrats are sent from us to all of you lovely lefties! We like to recognise days like these with an interesting and informative blog post, so that’s exactly what we’re doing! We’ve scoured the internet to find some fascinating facts as well as compile a list of famous left-handers.

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Following on from our FMAG Bake Off on Wednesday, we wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know the results and the winner! It was a tough call and the judges felt more than a little sick afterwards, but a winner was picked!

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The Marvel-ous World of Thor

thor-2 Happy Birthday Chris Hemsworth aka Thor!  Yes the drool-worthy Aussie is probably known by most for playing the Marvel superhero Thor – the Norse God of Thunder and Lightning (however if like me, you may know him as the bloke who was once in Home & Away!)  So instead of buying Chris a cake we thought we’d instead treat you to some fun facts about Thor, the Films & the man currently wielding the hammer….Mr Chris Hemsworth! Read more…

The 2014 FMAG Bake Off!

All Entries

THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF returns tonight and to celebrate we held our very own FMAG Bake Off! Several members of our team took the time to craft their creations and bring them in this morning for judging. We thought we’d post photos of the baked goods on display and give their bakers a bit of glory. Our judges were Customer Service Manager, Sarah C and Marketing’s very own Liviu, who marked on presentation, technique and taste.

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