Autumn Animal Antics!

Autumn is officially here: the trees have lost their leaves, there’s a distinct chill in the air and the nights are starting to close in. Autumn is a beautiful time of year, full of inspiring colours and cosy clothes, but it can be a trying time for our wildlife! Here at Find Me A Gift we stock a really great range of products to help out all the little wild critters that may wander in to our gardens – combine that with the fact that we also love animals and you’ll understand that this post was an easy one for us to write! Read on for handy tips, tricks and some great product inspiration!

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Black Cat Day

Blackcatappreciationday If you’ve not heard of this day before then you’re not alone. We’ve only recently discovered Black Cat Day and being the animal lovers that we are here at FMAG HQ we felt the need to back the notion of this day.
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Saving our Bees

Bees have been buzzing around the news recently, for a couple of different reasons! Firstly there are now links between a significant decline in honeybee colonies and the change in foraging behaviour of the honeybees, brought on by some sort of environmental stress such as pesticides or parasite attacks. When a colony of honeybees are put under stress they react by sending the younger bees out to forage for food while the older bees stay put, these younger bees are much more likely to die prematurely than bees sent at when they are older to forage for food. The losses of these younger bees affects the colonies numbers drastically and if the hive isn’t large enough to withstand these losses the whole colony can collapse! The exact cause of the decline is not totally clear at the moment but it could affect our wild bees as well as other pollinating insects. This is why we must all do our bit towards saving our bees whilst the scientists work out exactly what is going on and why!
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Win an Afternoon Tea for Two!

We Brits love a good old traditional afternoon tea, and what better week to celebrate this love than Afternoon Tea Week!! We aren’t overly sure what one is supposed to do on Afternoon Week, but we are guessing it means to drink as much tea and eat as many scones and cucumber sandwiches as possible!! So we are giving one lucky the winner the chance to win a Traditional Afternoon Tea for two – so they can pick a fellow afternoon tea fan to take with them! The location options for this Afternoon Tea package can be seen here.

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Should have been…a sport in The Olympics

With Rio 2016 now here Olympic fever has really kicked off, but there are a handful of sports that we feel deserve to have gold medal champions, they are also sports that the everyday non sporty person could perhaps excel at, therefore giving us all a much higher chance of EVER winning a medal at the Olympics!

1. Dodge-ball, a tad dangerous perhaps, but a could release of frustration…

2. Hide and Seek, now this does take skill and patience – another thing we learn from everyday office life!

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International Tiger Day 2016

There are less than 4000 tigers left in the wild. So even though in 2016 there has been fantastic news about tiger numbers increasing, there’s still a long way to go in the fight to save and protect wild tigers.

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An Interview With Ewen MacIntosh

An Interview With Ewen MacIntosh

Star of the most successful comedy of all time, scotch egg enthusiast and all round nice guy Ewen MacIntosh took some time out to have a chat with us. We talked fighting zombies, working alongside Colin Farrell, and even found out what his favourite gift on our site is…

Like most people I was first introduced to you through The Office. No one could have predicted how enormously successful it would eventually become, so how did your life change after it took the world by storm?

Well it started gradually and just seemed to grow and grow so it wasn’t like being suddenly famous overnight. It certainly changed my life in that it opened up a lot of work that I would never have got otherwise. It still gets me work to this day all those years later in fact!

Everyone who’s watched The Office remembers the famous scotch egg scene. Have you ever been approached to advertise scotch eggs à la John Lydon and Country Life butter?
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